Graphene is an atomically thin two-dimensional material which can be exfoliated from graphite. Its unique electrical, mechanical, chemical and electrochemical properties have attracted tremendous attention in both research and industrial applications. At SupraG, we harness our research expertise with the versatility of graphene as a molecular building block to construct innovative and unique nanostructures for a wide range of new and emerging applications. 

Taking advantages of SupraG’s bio-inspired nano-engineering technology, one of the proven application is supercapacitors. The unique graphene film has a density of up to ~1.33, which is more than double the density of traditional porous activated carbons, and it still maintains a continuous ionic and electronic transport network, ensuring rapid energy storage processes. Graphene-based supercapacitors have achieved 261 F/mL and 255 F/mL in organic and aqueous electrolytes respectively. This represent a 4-5 fold improvement in volumetric energy density when compared with traditional activated carbon based devices.