About SupraG

Our Team

Dr. Yufei Wang, PhD
Acting Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Yufei Wang is a graduate of Monash University (Ph. D. in Materials Science & Engineering). He has a wide knowledge and experience in the synthesis, engineering and applications of carbon-based nanomaterials. He is actively involved in technology transfer and commercialization. As the Acting Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of SupraG, Dr. Yufei Wang oversees both R&D and management to facilitate the commercialization of graphene technology.    

Professor Dan Li, PhD
Chair of Scientific Advisory Board
Professor Dan Li’s research interests are centred on the synthesis and properties of graphene-based soft materials and their applications in energy storage and conversion, nanofluidics, bionics, and environmental protection. He has published many high-level papers in top international journal including Science and Nature sub-journals. He has won the Australian Scopus Young Scientist Award in 2010 and the Future Star Award by Australian researcher Scientific Committee in 2011. Recently, he was named in the Thomson Reuters' global list of highly cited scientists in 2014. He has conducted leading edge research in graphene-based soft materials since 2006 and he is now a recognized world-leading expert in graphene science and technology. 

Mr. Ying Meng
Board Member
Mr. Ying Meng is the founder of SupraG. He has conducted graphene research and manufacturing since 2010, and his company Tangshan Jianhua Industrial Group now has the production capability of graphene of >100 tons per year. Besides, he also has production capability of many other graphene-based materials and products, including graphene-based powders and lubricant oil. Given his wide range of knowledge and experience, he has been titled senior engineer, a part-time professor and innovational and enterprising talent. 

Dr. Anthony Pandolfo,PhD
Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Anthony Pandolfo has more than 30 years’ experience in the areas of energy materials and electrochemical devices. Dr. Pandolfo was a founding member of the CSIRO - Energy technology supercapacitor research group; playing a major role in the productivity and success of the group. His contributions and improvements to carbon based supercapacitor technology directly contributed to the formation of a supercapacitor technology spin off company (Cap-XX Pty Ltd.).